Waterbase Eco-Series inks are eco friendly inks, formulated with no hazardous material keeping in mind the health, atmospheric care and print challenges. A carefully formulated range of inks covering a wide effects of textile prinitng allows you to shift your print works onto the waterbased systems, without compromising on quality and productivity. 

Additional Information

TW-090Aqua White +

Premium Quality all in one Water Base White printing paste, with optically bright high opacity, soft hand feel, smooth printing on automatic machines with no screen clogging, fast flashing properties, low temperature curing and high temperature washing resistance.

TW-100 Hydra Soft White

Everyday super quality high opaque waterbased white, recommended for automatic press. Smooth running, no screen clogging and low flash point.

TW-110Feel Less White

Medium opaque, extremely soft hand feel. Specifically catering the need of low hand feel prints, recommended for 100% cotton light weight fabrics.

TW-120Extra Elastic White

Specifically designed to solve print problems on high elastic fabrics such as lycra, spandex etc. High elasticity, high washing fastness and smooth running on automatic press and manual printing methods. 

TW-130Anti Migrating White

Recommended for 50/50 fabrics. This is a high opacity, thick layer ink which is designed to minimise the dye-migration issues on poor dyed 50/50 fabrics.

TW-502Economy Rubber White

Everyday use cost effective waterbase white, recommended for manual prinitng methods specifically designed for price tight jobs. High Opaque ink, thick feel and medium wash fastness.