PVF Series PVC and Phthalate Free Plastisol inks, are environmental friendly, clear from all hazardous and heavy metal subtances.

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Eco Friendly.

Excellent opacity.

High Elasticity.

Smooth running on automatic press.

Available in multiple series.

Feasible for Direct and Heat Transfer printing.

Feasible for wet on wet printing.

Long shelf life.

PVF Series PVC Free inks are ready to use paste. Holds a capability of accepting 3-5% SE-17 plastisol ink viscosity reducer. Stir in the container and pour the ink onto the screen.  Make sure to adjust the flash temperature if printing between a multicolor print, or choose a suitable screen mesh for wet on wet printing. After printing, cure at a recommended temperature of 160°C for 1 minutes to achieve the best elasticity and durability.   

PVF Inks should be mixed in clean vessels using clean mixing blades and utensils. Any contamination from other ink sources or non-approved additives could make PVF Inks result fail for testing. 

Do not leave the container open to the atmosphere, to avoid contamination and achieve a stable shelf life.

For best results on dark garments, use PVF Snow White (PVF-121), as underbase and choose lower count screen mesh.

BNI Inks PVC free plastisols do not gel or change behaviour in weather/temperature change and have a long shelf life.

Code: 2038 CName: Rubine
Code: 485 CName: Red-R
Code: Black CName: Black
Code: 7729 CName: Green
Code: 2084 CName: Violet
Code: Orange 021 CName: Orange
Code: 282 CName: Navy Blue
Code: 2145 CName: Royal Blue
Code: 285 CName: Turquoise Blue
Code: Yellow CName: Lemon Yellow
Code: 7406 CName: Golden Yellow
Code: 188 CName: Magenta
Code: 102 CName: PrimRose Yellow
Code: 021 CName: Burnt Orange
Code: 348 CName: Holiday Green
Code: 347 CName: Light Green
Code: 356 CName: Bright Green
Code: 2242 CName: Kelly Green
Code: 342 CName: Dallas Green
Code: 7690 CName: Columbia Blue
Code: 294 CName: Light Royal Blue
Code: 7691 CName: Sky Blue
Code: 2195 CName: Bright Blue
Code: 2925 CName: Light Blue
Code: 2746 CName: Light Navy Blue
Code: 2077 CName: Purple
Code: 224 CName: Light Purple
Code: 1807 CName: Cardinal Red
Code: 2345 CName: Scarlet
Code: 1785 CName: Flag Red
Code: 7631 CName: Maroon
Code: High Opaque WhiteName: Snow White
Code: High Opaque WhiteName: Snow White
Code: FLName: FL Red
Code: FLName: FL Pink
Code: FLName: FL Green
Code: FLName: FL Violet
Code: FLName: FL Orange
Code: FLName: FL Blue
Code: FLName: FL Lemon Yellow
Code: FLName: FL Golden Yellow
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