PLASTISOL TONERS are Phthalate, Heavy Metals and PVC free concentrated pigment pastes for plastisol printing ink.    

Additional Information


  • Highly Concentrated Pigments.
  • Can be used for PVC Free and Phthalate free both.
  • Compatible with all BNI Inks, ready to use colors and bases.
  • Add upto 5%-12% to achieve the desired shade.
  • Heat stable pigments.
  • Easy to mix and use.

PLASTISOL TONERS are ready to use concentrated pigment paste. Toners can be added 5%-12% in any category of Plastisol Inks to achieve desired shade and opacity. Mix the composition well before using.  

·       Over dosage of pigments may result in inter color bleeding, and loss of properties for the ink.

Code: PLT-01Name: Black
Code: PLT-02Name: White
Code: PLT-03Name: RED-R
Code: PLT-04Name: Green
Code: PLT-05Name: Violet
Code: PLT-06Name: Orange
Code: PLT-07Name: Magenta
Code: PLT-08Name: Lemon Yellow
Code: PLT-09Name: Golden Yellow
Code: PLT-10Name: Navy Blue
Code: FCT-13Name: FL Red
Code: FCT-14Name: FL Pink
Code: FCT-15Name: FL Green
Code: FCT-16Name: FL Violet
Code: FCT-17Name: FL Orange
Code: FCT-18Name: FL Blue
Code: FCT-19Name: FL Lemon Yellow
Code: FCT-20Name: FL Golden Yellow
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