PRODUCT CODE: TransPro Series


TransPro Series is a Phthalate Free transfer ink series from BNI Inks available in white, transparent and various colors. TransPro series inks are designed as direct to print, powder free inks in replacement to the traditional method of heat transfer using Basic Plastiol Inks, Plastisol Backing and Hot Melt Powder. TransPro series inks can be printed on multiple substrates including release paper, PET Film etc

Additional Information

·         Excellent Transfer-ability without any hotmelt powder.

·         Good Opacity.

·         Excellent Adhesion to cotton and poly-cotton fabrics.

·         Enhance Elasticity and Washablity of print.

·         Smooth running on automatic machines.

·         Can be used as spot color for heat transfer printing.

·         Best compatibility with TransPro series transfer inks.

Use the recommended mesh to print the ink on the recommended substrate for heat transfer.  When applying multiple colors, flash dry each color. Use a recommended 160°C temperature, 3.5 bar pressure and 8-10 sec time for the final application of heat transfer.

·         Make sure the ink film is properly cured, non-cured ink may result in poor washing, adhesion and durability of print.

·         It is the responsibility of the printer to determine if selection of ink, mesh and procedure adjustment has been carefully selected to achieve proper efficiency of inks and desired results of your customers.

·         Poor handling of substrate may result in un-acceptable results of inks. For eg, peeling of a cold peel paper prior to its cooling temp may result in poor adhesion of inks.

·         Stir well before use.

·         Make sure the container is kept closed and not contaminated with inks, additives that contain any sort of hazardous material. This may lead in testing failure.

·         Make sure the container, apparatus and screens must be properly cleaned using a certified cleaner.

Any application not mentioned here must be tested prior to production or consulted with BNI Inks technical department.

·         Wet Ink Tack: High

·         After Flash Tack: Low

·         Printability: Excellent

·         Surface: Glossy

·         Opacity: High

·         Viscosity: Medium

·         Bleed Resistance: Low

·         Cure Temp/Time: 170° C for 90 seconds.

·         Squeegee Hardness: Medium/Hard

·         Squeegee Blade: Sharp

·         Squeegee Angle: 45 degrees to screen.

·         Squeegee Speed: Medium

·         Emulsion: N/A

·         Mesh Count: 43 - 77t/cm

·         Reducer: SE-17

·         Thickener: N/A

·         Storage: 18° C to 32° C

·         Transfer: 160°C, 8-10 seconds

·         Substrate type: Cotton, Poly/Cotton.


Code: HT-010aName: Back-Up Pro
Code: HT-010aName: Back-Up Pro
Code: HT-12Name: TransPro Black
Code: HT-13Name: TransPro Green
Code: HT-14Name: TransPro Violet
Code: HT-15Name: TransPro Orange
Code: HT-16Name: TransPro Navy Blue
Code: HT-17Name: TransPro Royal Blue
Code: HT-18Name: TransPro Turquoise Blue
Code: HT-19Name: TransPro Lemon
Code: HT-20Name: TransPro Golden
Code: HT-21Name: TransPro Red-R
Code: HT-22Name: TransPro Magenta
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